K.A.A.N. Releases ‘Blissful Awareness’ Album

Time and time again, K.A.A.N. continues to impress us with every release.

It wasn’t too long ago that the Maryland rapper teamed up with FloFilz for their Lost In Translation album—now he’s back with his latest body of work.

Listen to his introspective new album Blissful Awareness below.

‘Blissful Awareness’ is about self realization. The entire album was written from the perspective of a person that had achieved the things that meant something to them in their youth but once these things were earned they didn’t matter or hold the same value as they once did. The creative process was organic and free flowing. Throughout the process I learned a lot about the things I didn’t want, and the importance of being self aware. This an album about understanding that accolades, money and social status are just perceived successes and not the real thing. – K.A.A.N

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