Famous Dex assaults woman


Chicago based rapper Famous Dex was caught on camera brutally assaulting his girlfriend earlier today after trashing another woman’s apartment.  According to reports Dex was staying at Tish Hyman’s apartment when he decidedly ransacked the place.  Although what led to the next events are currently unclear, he then attacked his girlfriend in the hallway of the same building.

See Tish’s statement & watch the eery footage below.

“Let this man #famousdex @famousdex stay at my place. He not only TRASHED And BROKE INTO my place. He beat this poor girl so badly. Is this the new generation of great artists that young people are looking up to? And is THIS the type of person a great company like@puma #puma chose to represent their brand. So disappointing. I hope this spreads through the Internet and shows these young people what Young Dexter is about. Thank you for hurting me young man. But you truly hurt yourself.”