TDE reveals latest signee


It looks like we’ve found out who John Doe #1 is out of the TDE camp.

Back in February TDE revealed their plans for 2016 as far as albums go & also hinted at two new signees joining the label.  Today it appears we’ve learned the first signee as all 6 current members of the label sent out the exact same tweet hinting at Lance SkiiiWalker being the newest addition.  Lance has been involved in a few collaborations with TDE in the past, most notably on Jay Rock’s recent 90059 album. No official statement has been released yet, but it’s pretty clear when you do a little digging. If you head over to his twitter here, you’ll see he only follows 21 people, all of whom are affiliated with TDE. Check out the tweets below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 6.57.12 PM

Shit about to get nasty real soon… I told y’all I got y’all in 2016 #TDE

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