Danny Brown Speaks on New Album ‘Quaranta’

Nearly four years following the release of his most recent solo studio album U Know What I’m Sayin?, Danny Brown is ready to strike again.

Brown has confirmed that his highly-anticipated Quaranta album will be released this fall, and revealed some additional details in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

“It was almost like, I got to get it out,” he says in regards to the project. “I didn’t know how long I was going to be living, It was one of those ‘I’m going to say what the f*ck I want to say on this sh*t. I’m going to let everybody know how I’m feeling.'”

Brown recorded the majority of the album in Detroit during a dark time in his life. He had just gone through a breakup and was struggling with being stuck on his own during the pandemic. “I [was] in there by myself, depressed, doing f*cking coke and getting drunk every night by myself.”

He reveals he was also facing pressure with finances due to numerous shows being cancelled, including a European tour that he had booked.

Quaranta was his way of releasing everything he was going through at the time, before he was able to get help for his drug and alcohol problems. “I was so f*cking caught up in ‘Am I going to live tomorrow?’ It was almost like, if I died, this is what I have to say.”

Read the full article via Rolling Stone here.

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