Action Bronson Reveals He’s Lost 125 Pounds This Year

Photos via Andre L. Perry / Men’s Health

Action Bronson is looking like a new man going into 2021.

Between the time he spent creating his latest album Only For Dolphins, working on his television series F*ck, That’s Delicious and the multiple other endeavors he had going—Bronson managed to shed a whopping 125 pounds in 2020.

The Queens rapper sat down with Men’s Health Magazine to discuss the life-changing transformation he’s made.

“You always want to be around for your family,” he says. “It wasn’t going to happen unless I made that decision myself, and, you know, it takes some soul-searching and some shit to really bother you. Like something that really gets under your skin to make that change. That happened to me.”

Action Bronson

Bronson says he had to shake up his entire routine from the moment he wakes up to the second he goes to sleep, revealing he starts his days at 4:00 AM now with proper nutrition and intense workouts.

Check out the video he put together with Men’s Health below.

[via Men’s Health]

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