6ix9ine’s Cooperation With Authorities Will Spare Him Prison Time

Update: While the state will not prosecute Tekashi as part of the plea deal, he will still need to appear in front of a judge as he has already pled guilty to all nine counts he’s being charged with.

With him pleading guilty, 6ix9ine will forgo his right to trial and appear in front of a judge in 2020 where he/she will decide, with advice from the state, if Tekashi will serve any further time.

The 6ix9ine saga continues today with a brand new twist.

According to newly obtained court documents, 6ix9ine’s plea deal includes him not serving any prison time as a result of his cooperation with authorities.

If the defendant does this, the Office — and this is detailed on pages 4 and 5 of the agreement — agrees not to prosecute the defendant for the crimes set forth in Counts One through Nine of the Superseding Information as well as additional crimes that the defendant has told the government about.

Over the past few weeks 6ix9ine has been working with law enforcement officials to provide information about numerous gang-related activities that took place since he joined the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods in late 2017.

It’s been reported that 6ix9ine implicated his former associate Kooda B in the attempted Chief Keef shooting that took place in June of 2018. Kooda B is now facing a minimum sentence of 10 years with the possibility of life.

You can check out the latest court documents for yourself here.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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