Vince Staples announces sophomore album

UPDATE (6/19): Peep the official tracklist below!

1. Crabs in a Bucket (feat. Justin Vernon and Kilo Kish)
2. Big Fish (feat. Juicy J)
3. Alyssa Interlude
4. Love Can Be…
5. 745
6, Ramona Park is Yankee Stadium
7. Yeah Right (feat. Kendrick Lamar and Laura Jane Lowther)
8. Homage (feat. Kilo Kish)
9. SAMO (feat. ASAP Rocky)
10. Party People
11. BagBak
12. Rain Come Down (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

UPDATE (6/1): We finally have a release date for Vince Staples’ upcoming album Big Fish Theory.

The project will arrive on June 23rd.

ORIGINAL POST: Vince Staples is gearing up to release his sophomore album in the coming months & thanks to VICE Magazine’s latest sit-down with Vince, we’ve learned the title and a little more information on the upcoming project.

“The songs on Big Fish Theory are excellent, a further exploration of the same massive, almost industrial sounds that welled up in the production of Staple’s acclaimed Summertime ’06, and even more sharply in his 2016 EP, Prima Donna, which also explored the contradictions of budding fame.  On Big Fish Theory, Staples plays with the ideas of conflicting expectations, mixing, for instance, “holy water with the Voss”. Lead single “BagBak” declares, “Tell the president to suck a dick because we on now,” over a bruisingly huge electronic bass.”


“I like those [sounds], and I don’t like the other one,” Staples said.  “I used to make that other kind of stuff, but I never liked it. Like ‘rap on these beats.’ OK.” He was emphatic that the songs are for people to come to their own conclusions about – it’s “like if you’re a chef, someone fixes you a meal, and you go ask the chef, ‘How was it?’ It’s like, ‘I don’t know, I wasn’t there.'”

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