‘VIEWS’ is already approaching Platinum status


With about 5 hours to go until Drake debuts his new album VIEWS on OVO Sound Radio, it looks like he’ll be smashing his previous first week sales record.  Under the new RIAA regulations, which count 1,500 on demand audio/video streams as 1 album sale, VIEWS is already sitting well above Gold and on its way to Platinum status.  As his recent releases “Pop Style” & “One Dance” have already accumulated 80 million Spotify streams, & “Hotline Bling” pulling in a massive 1,100,000,000 combined audio & video streams, VIEWS has tallied about 750K in sales..before its release.

1,500 audio/video streams = 10 track sales = 1 album sale

Pop Style + One Dance = 80,000,000 streams = 53,333 sales

Hotline Bling = 1,100,000,000 streams = 733,335 sales

If you’re interested in reading up on the RIAA’s new regulations, head over to their website here.

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