Lil Keed Releases ‘Trapped on Cleveland 3’

Lil Keed is back tonight with the third and final installment of his Trapped on Cleveland series—and it’s the best one yet.

The 22-year-old Atlanta artist says a lot has changed in the two years since he released the original Trapped on Cleveland and that this album shows his growth.

Back then, I was talking about stuff like typical rappers: shooting, killing, just saying shit because that’s what everybody wanted to hear. Now that I done grew from all that and I done moved myself out of that situation, I’m just letting folks know why I was so trapped on Cleveland, as far as me going to the hood everyday and all the shootouts.

Having been a part of YSL Records for a few years now, Keed is fortunate enough to call Young Thug a mentor of his,so it’s only right to see Thug take the helm as executive producer.

At 19 tracks long, Trapped on Cleveland 3 boasts feature from Thug, Gunna, Lil Baby, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign, 42 Dugg and Future.

Dive in below.