Kanye West Reveals “Kids See Ghost” Tracklist + More

With about a month to go until Kanye West & Kid Cudi unleash their collaborative album Kids See Ghosts, Kanye has taken to Twitter to reveal the tracklist for the joint effort, as well as a few other projects.

Check out the video in which Kanye shares the tracklists below & keep scrolling to get a better look.

Kanye West & Kid Cudi Kids See Ghosts (Tracklist) [June 8th]

1. Feel The Love
2. Kids See Ghosts
3. 4th Dimension
4. Ghost Town
5. Cudi Montage
6. Devils Watching
7. ReBorn

Pusha T Daytona (Tracklist) [May 25th]

1. If You Know U Know
2. Sociopath
3. Games We Play
4. Come Back Baby
5. Infrared
6. Hard Piano
7. How Do You Respond
8. Santaria

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