Dr. Dre’s Wife Is Seeking Nearly $2 Million a Month In Spousal Support

Dr. Dre’s soon to be ex wife is seeking a large amount of temporary monthly spousal support.

According to newly filed legal documents, Nicole Young is asking for a whopping $1,936,399 in monthly support in addition to $5,000,000 for lawyer fees—despite just filing for divorce two months ago.

Young signed a prenup in 1996, however she claims she was pressured into agreeing to terms. Young also says that Dre tore up the premarital agreement several years into their marriage after feeling remorseful over the situation.

“Andre acknowledged to me that he felt ashamed he had pressured me into signing a premarital agreement and he tore up multiple copies of the agreement in front of me. Since the day he tore up the agreements, we both understood that there was no premarital agreement, and that it was null and void.”

On the other hand, Dre has denied all claims that the agreement was understood as null and void.