Cordae Announces The Launch of His Own Record Label

Cordae is making all the right moves.

Just a few short years into an already notable career, the Raleigh artist is taking the next step into ownership. In a few subtle Instagram posts, Cordae has officially announced the launch of his own record label, Hi Level Productions.

Cordae briefly spoke on the label as a new passion project for him sitting “near and deep” to his heart while also describing it as a “family and way of life.” It is 100% owned by him.

The 23-year-old is expected to release his sophomore album in the coming months, however at the moment it’s not clear whether new music will be released under the imprint at this time. With that being said, considering all that Cordae has been able to accomplish in these past few years, I have no doubt that this latest endeavor will follow similar success.

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