DJ Khaled announces new album “Grateful”

Despite being a seasoned vet, 2016 was probably DJ Khaled’s most successful year yet & today he’s back to announce the title of his next album.

Holding a special press conference via Instagram live, Khaled revealed the title of his 10th album to be Grateful.  Khaled broke out all the stars for his Major Key release last year & from the looks of his instagram he’s up to the same ways for Grateful.  See who he’s been in the studio with lately below.

Did the vocals come in Yet!!!!! @chancetherapper … FANLUV IM UP TO SOMETHING ! @wethebestmusic

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In studio wit @brysontiller !!!! Did the @brysontiller vocals com in yet !!!! FAN LUV EVERTING TOP SECERT !!! Please keep it TOP SECERT !!! @wethebestmusic @epicrecords @rocnation 🔑🔊🎶🔊🎶🔊🎶📣🔑

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I will be RELEASING THE TITLE OF MY new album very soon! Stay tuned and be ready for more keys! For more updates follow @WeTheBestMusic @Rocnation @EpicRecords 🔑🦁🔑

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👀Did I tell you IM UP TO SOMETHING!!!!! @migos did the @migos vocals come in!!!! Fan luv everyTING TOP SECRET!!! FAN LUV I WILL BE RELEASING THE TITLE FOR MY NEW ALBUM !!SOON COME !! @wethebestmusic @epicrecords @rocnation 🙏🔑🙏🦁🔑🔊🎶🔊🎶🔊🎶 my new album will be EXECUTIVE PRODUCER BY MY SON ASAHD KHALED!!!! 🦁🔑 📸 @IvanBerrios1021

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I have 100 @travisscott hooks and verses in MY studio drive anthem alerts ! FAN LUV PLEASE KEEP THIS TOP SECRET!! I will be announcing the title of my new album soon… MY SON ASAHD IS THE EXECUTIVE PROD!! For my new album alert! @wethebestmusic @rocnation @epicrecords 🦁🔑🦁🎶🔊🎶🔊🎶🔊🎶🔊🎶🔊🎶🔊🎶. I WILL NEVER STOP!!! FAN LUV LETS WIN MORE !!

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Brothers !! 🔑🔑🔑

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